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Assess, Analyse, Innovate – Nothing is just out of the box at Interlinked. We are deep analysers, smart thinkers and problem solvers – always looking for the best way to solve client challenges and enable their businesses to operate efficiently.


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Work on a supercar before going on a hot lap with a professional driver. Head out to one of the neighbouring, amazing restaurants with the team after work. Workshop tech solutions for a global company with a team of experts. All in a day’s work at Interlinked.

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Networking needs have evolved quickly with technology, which means there’s now a large variety of network types on the market. Two of the most common types of networks are LAN and WAN:

LAN stands for local area network, which basically means this network will connect devices over a reasonably short distance for data, file and resource sharing purposes. These are usually privately managed for places like office buildings or schools.

A WAN network is essentially the opposite – a wide area network that can span across regions or an entire continent. The internet is the largest WAN that connects billions of computers worldwide.

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Interlinked is Australia’s most progressive, technology and security focused business. We’re a team of experts across IT, Telephony, Security, Data and more. Join a company that proudly provides an unrivalled integrated managed service to companies that priorities technology, telephony and security.

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Consult to and support some of Australia’s most iconic and fascinating organisations across private, public and not for profit sectors. The Australia Stock Exchange, Bells Ice, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Sydney Stock Exchange, Harris Farm Markets and more – put your skills to use in some of the country’s most impressive environments.

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